3 hours agoPrinceton, NJ(17 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for a working small dehumidifier for a bedroom. Thanks.
7 hours agoPrinceton, NJ(17 miles)Items Wanted
ISO ANY banner / frames/ posters I can post up in car garage. Please and thank you in advanced, I appreciate it!
7 hours agoPrinceton, NJ(17 miles)Items Wanted
I'm looking for a bunch of unwanted paver blocks or concrete blocks that are fairly large to build a fire pit. will pickup quickly.
7 hours agoDoylestown, PA(20 miles)Items Wanted
I can pick up items immediately, Thank you for looking
23-May-2018Somerville, NJ(15 miles)Items Wanted
hi: I am looking for couple large flower pots/planters 18"+. If you have some to give away, please let me know. Thank you very much.
23-May-2018Princeton, NJ(17 miles)Items Wanted
Eager to start on this hobby. If you have old or unused ones, I'll gladly take them. Thanks!
23-May-2018Doylestown, PA(20 miles)Items Wanted
Interested in learning to cut mats - thank you!
22-May-2018Princeton, NJ(17 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for any Sylvia Plath books in good condition that you no longer need. Thank you!
22-May-2018Doylestown, PA(20 miles)Items Wanted
Hi Freecyclers, I rescued/ adopted two large Moor goldfish this winter. I have a great, complete aquarium tank set-up, and then the Topfin40 water filter died out of the blue : ( Looking for a water filter pump ideally rated for 30, 40, 50 gallons, But will happily rehome ANY size filter you can spare. Peony and Noir, ( Black Moors are known as Black Peony fish, hence their names,are socal, can...
22-May-2018Princeton, NJ(17 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for size 7-8 boys pants, jeans, and shorts. Thanks in advance!!
22-May-2018Somerville, NJ(15 miles)Items Wanted
looking for someone who has converted to another service or method and no longer needs their router that was Xfinity compatible. Quick, grateful pickup
21-May-2018Princeton, NJ(17 miles)Items Wanted
I'm looking for an umbrella stroller to take on the plane for a trip with a baby. Thank you!
21-May-2018Princeton, NJ(17 miles)Items Wanted
Older couple is need of a couch. Any offers will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
21-May-2018Princeton, NJ(17 miles)Items Wanted
Hello. If anyone has a planted tank and couple spare plants would appreciate it a lot. Can pick up Saturday earlier morning or later evening.
20-May-2018Somerville, NJ(15 miles)Items Wanted
I'm looking for any and all cards I can get my hands on- new, old, damaged, it's all good as long as the cards are legitimate. If you're looking to get rid of em, I'm more than happy to take em.
20-May-2018Somerville, NJ(15 miles)Items Wanted
I'm looking for any size or shapes silicon baking molds. I can pu any day this week.
20-May-2018Doylestown, PA(20 miles)Items Wanted
I'm in need of a men's bike for my son.
20-May-2018Somerville, NJ(15 miles)Items Wanted
Will travel for adoption. Thank you
20-May-2018Doylestown, PA(20 miles)Items Wanted
Hi there, we're looking for a wheel barrow to use around the yard. Have an old one lying around? I'd love to put it to use! Thanks, Erica
20-May-2018Doylestown, PA(20 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for inflatable yard ornament for project, any condition or holiday is good.
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